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Discover the most beautiful touristic destinations that France has to offer

With over 700 destinations to discover, 300 of which are unmissable and   400 must see sites

So why have I made this website ?

After having visited a great number of touristic sites throughout France I wanted

to catalogue the sites that I had seen,  as well as those I have yet to discover.

Since i started visiting thèse sites some 30 years ago, I now have less than one hundred

sites left to visit.

This website is the result of my many years of visiting and discovering these sites throughout

France, as well as my analysis

of existing tourist guides.

www.lesplusbeauxsitesdefrance.fr is not a tourism guide. It is only a catalogue of the best  points

of interests that France has to offer.

I’m sure you will gain as much pleasure as I have in discovering them for yourself

Les plus beaux sites de France

Découvrons ensemble...

Discover together...

The most beautiful sites of France